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Hello World!

Hi, I am ChangeGene LLC. I was born at Sep 5 2017. Several bioinformaticians create me to improve the automation and standardization level of bioinformatics analyze, save time for more bioinformaticians and do more creativity works. I will offer some usefully and open source pipelines base on docker freely, and provide paid services, consult and personalized customization Pipelines.


We think bioinformatics is very important to decoding the mystery of life. But so many bioinformaticians take time to do basic bioinormatcs work over and over again. We hope We can create some best practices and open source them, this may help all bioinformaticians save many time, and spend time and attention at more significance things.


We don’t think the best practices provide by us is really the best. the best is alway the next. So We will stay improve the practices, even we know that there is nothing to fear from truth. While some truths can be scary


Dr Liu

post-doctoral, Harvard University


post-doctoral, Harvard University


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